Class Cancellations:
We do our best to keep classes consistent and running every week.  However our schedule is subject to change at anytime.  Keep up to date on current class  schedule by visiting our online schedule.  We will list any class cancellations or teacher changes there.  We do not operate on the school districts inclement weather policy. 

Online Registration:

We recommend that you reserve your space in class by pre-registering for each class that you plan to attend.  There are multiple ways to pre-register.  You may access our mindbody scheduler through our website or call our studio (leave a message if no one answers).  If you make a reservation and cannot attend that class, you must “early cancel” your reservation via website or contacting us ten minutes before the class starts.  Otherwise you will be charged for the class.   

Cell Phones:
Cell phones are not permitted in the practice space unless they are turned off or in airplane mode.

Guest Passes:

Each member gets one guest pass each month.  Your guest must be attending class with you.  To register a guest, please call our studio or email us.  Let us know the first and last name of your guest and the class you will both be attending.  If you don’t use your guest pass each month it expires.  Your guest will still be eligible for the intro offer after their first class.

Children Attending Classes: Yoga at Simply Well does not have an age requirement for attending classes.  As long as the child is not disruptive in class, he or she may attend with an adult under the age of 14.  Over the age of 14 we require a parental signature, however an adult does not need to be in attendance with the child.

Membership Agreement:
For our Recurring Monthly Unlimited Membership, Yoga at Simply Well, LLC automatically charges your stored debit/credit card once a month for a minimum of three months.  This membership entitles the student to attend any weekly class at Yoga at Simply Well while their membership is active.  Yoga at Simply Well offers workshops and specialty classes that are completely separate from the membership.


BILLING: I understand and agree that each month, beginning today, I will be charged using my saved credit/debit card for this class package. I will be charged this amount every month until I cancel in accordance with the below policy. I understand that I will be notified if my payment fails to authorize for any reason, and that a $10 late fee will apply if I do not provide a valid credit or debit card within 10 calendar days of the original rejection date.

MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION POLICY: I understand and agree that this Agreement is a month-to-month Agreement with a minimum commitment of three months. Except as otherwise noted, this agreement will remain active unless I cancel it by giving 30 days written/email notice to Yoga at Simply Well, LLC prior to my next billing date. I understand that Yoga at Simply Well reserves the right to cancel my membership at any time. Please note: You may not cancel your membership while your account is frozen. Any cancellation while your account is frozen will be considered as 30 days from your return date.

LATE CANCELLATION OF CLASSES: I understand and agree that I must cancel any class reservations I make according to Yoga at Simply Well's cancellation policy. If I do not cancel in time, each late cancellation will result in a $20 LATE CANCELLATION FEE, which will be charged to my credit/debit card on file.

FREEZING MY MEMBERSHIP: I understand and agree that I may freeze my membership a maximum of two times per calendar year after I have fulfilled my initial three month minimum commitment. If my membership is initiated on or after July 1st in any year, I may freeze my account only once for the remainder of that year and two times per calendar year in subsequent years. I may freeze a maximum of 2 times per year for a minimum of 15 days per freeze and a maximum of 90 days per year. Please note: Freezing your account requires a written notice.   You cannot cancel your membership from a freeze.  
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